1 of the Most Livable City in the World – Auckland

The best cities to live in refers to the best quality of life in terms of economic progress, wealth and employment and culture, stability, education and infrastructure. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit Survey, Auckland, New Zealand is one of the top ten most liveable city in the world, actually, it is the 9th in the list. It boasts of the economic development through the years which made it one of the perfect cities to live in.

Auckland is called the “The City of Sails” because of the popularity of sailing due to the sea and gulf location. The city has more yachts than any other place in the world. This city is also a goldmine of opportunities for development, the regions here each have their unique features, the west for lush, green environment for those who love nature. The Rodney area for its spectacular views and attractions. Papakura for its agriculture and more.


Also, the city prides itself of its history and culture with great structures which are landmarks for this beautiful city. The Sky Tower, the Auckland Harbour Bridge, Ferry Building and more. Sites to see and places to go, you will wish to stay in Auckland if you are a visitor for a bit longer.

Auckland is an ideal place to live in because of the good quality of life. People around the world from different nationalities choose to live here because of the great multicultural atmosphere with awesome city suburbs that provide plenty for everyone to do. From shops to large shopping malls and the famous markets. There is also a big range of outdoor activities that people can choose from. You can find everything in Auckland for whatever interest you are in, you will never be sorry for visiting this amazing city and you would wish that you can live there for the rest of your life.

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